Christopher Robin’s Short Story Essay

`What do you want to do today, Christopher Robin?` I asked my son.

`We have not been to the zoo in a long time, so can we go see Pooh and Winnie?` he answered.

`Sure,` I replied. Ever since my son was little he loved going to the zoo; he loved seeing all of the different kinds of animals. He had two favorite animals, a swan named Pooh and a bear named Winnie. Whenever we went to the zoo I let him go up to Winnie and feed her, because I knew how much he loved her. So, one day, I bought him a little stuffed bear. Christopher Robin named the bear Winnie the Pooh after his two favorite zoo animals. My husband, A. A. Milne, and I noticed that he was getting tired of just one stuffed animal, so we bought him a donkey, a pig, a rabbit, a kangaroo…

`I would be fine, but my husband wants to keep it for himself,` I answered.

`Well, I could give you one million dollars for the rights,` he replied.

`I will do it,` I answered immediately.

When I got home, I started to think of ways to sell the rights to Walt Disney. I soon realized that I had to somehow get rid of my husband. I knew that I had to do it soon and Christopher Robin had to be out of the house. When my husband came into the kitchen for dinner I served him a bowl of `special` soup. He ate the soup and died instantly. I called the police and made up a fake story, and then I got a hold of Walt Disney.

`I am ready to sell the rights, Walt. We should get our lawyers together to write up a contract,` I said to him over the phone.

`Excellent,` he exclaimed, `I take it your husband came around?`

`I brought it up over dinner and he was dying to make a deal,` I briefly explained.

The next day the contract was ready to be signed. The mother in me thought to double-check with Christopher Robin, but the businesswoman in me knew that was a waste of time. It all went downhill from there. My relationship with my son quickly ended after I signed the contract, because I didnt give him any…