Renaissance Art Research Paper

An In Depth Look At Renaissance Principles The Renaissance was an explosion of art, science, literature, and architecture. Thousands of ideas, new and old, were introduced to brilliant minds and influenced some of the greatest works of art in history. New advances … Read more

Comparing Freuds Views On Religion, And Art Essay

Freud’s Civilization and it’s Discontents spoke about his views on religion, science, and art. He believes that religion is restrictive, which could lead to more conflicts. He also believes that religion is an illusion. He believed that the origin of religion could … Read more

Donald Kuspit Activist Art Analysis Essay

Attempting to change social and political conditions, activist art has recently been a popular subject among artists and art critics alike. Those most active within the art market have much criticism for activist and political art. Activists however, don’t seem to be … Read more

The Emergence Of Pop Art Essay

Pop art has become one of the most recognizable styles of modern art. Unlike most art before the 50s, pop art was a new approach to representational visual communication. This became a major directional shift of modernism, where the works are inspired … Read more

Testadura The Artworld Analysis Essay

Danto begins “The Artworld” by going after Socrates’ and Plato’s view of art as imitation or a mirror. He calls this the “Imitation Theory” or “IT”. If this were accurate then any image reflected in a mirror would also be considered an … Read more

New Generation Detroit

I went to visit this art exhibit on Friday September 7th, the opening night. I had never been to the Meadowbrook Art Gallery so I had no idea what to expect. It was a smaller gallery than I thought it would be, … Read more