Assignment 1: Team Analysis Essay

Describe the impact of the FIRST program on team participants with special emphasis on the current season and the preceding two to five years FIRST has impacted team members in a number of ways. Students learn skills such as public speaking, leadership, … Read more

Invisible Germe Ad Analysis Essay

Listerine’s Power of Killing Invisible Germs The advertisement that I chose was the Listerine magazine ad, produced in the year 1959 by the Lambert Pharmacal Company. I found this ad to be most interesting because I did not know that Listerine was … Read more

Music Education Philosophy Essay

What others say: The teaching philosophy at the Florida State University College of Music is very focused on technique and quality education. The first statement you see on the Music education page on the university website is, “Selection and preparation in music … Read more

Exercise Makes Smarter Essay

Can Exercise Truly Make One Smarter TV shows, movies, have all used the theme of “brains versus brawn. ” As a result many people believe that they are exclusive to one or the other. Many believe that to become strong you work … Read more

Academic Integrity Essay

Academia is one of the world’s first steps to ensure the growth of intellect and intelligence. There are a lot of actions required to ensure that the integrity and sanctity of this is not lost at the hands of technology. Academics give … Read more