Cultural Experience Research Paper

Memories floating around like clouds in the sky. I felt my childhood pass me by with nothing but pictures reminding me of an opportunity so profoundly missed. My father would always say to me “Annie nothing is more important in your life … Read more

Anne Frank Courage Essay

Courageous and Strong People of the Past Anne Frank once said, “The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever! ” People must be strong and hopeful if they want to persevere through extreme circumstances like a … Read more

Essay on My Gender Identity

I identify as a white, middle class, male-gendered ripple on this quasi-spatial persistent illusion we call life. As a member of the dominant group (at least in these categories) it is difficult to tease out the precise moments of acute realization that … Read more

Essay On Mass Hysteria

The once was a day in a distant time where mass hysteria had broken out and everyone was turning against one another. The people referenced this day as a cruddy day, as There were people falling over and collapsing from sickness and … Read more