Self-Driving Ethical Dilemmas Essay

With the rising presence of machines in society, it has become necessary to decide how to implement a moral processing system into machines. Self-driving cars have seemed like a dream for a long time, always appearing as something futuristic, but unfathomable in … Read more

Essay on The Grotesque Analysis

The word grotesque originated during the time of the high renaissance. It comes from the word grotto, from the Italian grottesco. The Grotesque is a term now used rather loosely in everyday speech. By definition, it is a style of decorative art … Read more

Dog Eat Dog World Analysis Essay

I decided to choose question four, which asked what the consequences would be if the government ceased to exist. For starters, there would be two paths society could take on as a result of no government. We as a people, could unite … Read more

Capuchin Monkeys Essay

Capuchins have traditionally been in the genus, Cebus Erxleben from the family Cabidae. There had been four species recognized among the capuchins, such as: Cebus albifrons, Cebus olivaceus, Cebus capucinus, and Cebus apella, all of which are a taxonomy that dominated capuchin … Read more

Essay on Empathy In Social Relationships

Empathy is a fundamental aspect of the functioning of social relationships. The ability to accurately read nonverbal signals of others, participate in perspective-taking, identify emotional states in the self and others, and invest in other’s emotions are all integral parts of the … Read more

Essay on Gintoki: A Fictional Narrative

It’s 9 in the morning on a Friday, hours before Sakata Gintoki is anywhere near the peak of wakefulness. Supressing a yawn, he leans his back against a dirty brick wall in a nondescript Kabukicho alley, contemplating whether he should wait out … Read more