Advantages Of Anomalous Monism Essay

According to Davidson “Anomalous monism resembles materialism in its claim that all events are physical, but rejects the thesis, usually considered essential to materialism, that mental phenomena can be given purely physical explanations” (Davidson, 1970/2002, p. 119) In other words, only the … Read more

Personal Essay About Scars

Now I know what you may be thinking; why am I drifting away from the idea of scars? Scars are what they are and they can not be removed. With that being said, we all have a choice on how we view … Read more

The Importance Of Mindfulness In Sports Essay

Current research involved in sports psychology does not employ the idea of mindfulness. “Traditional sport psychology interventions, such as imagery, self-talk, and goal setting generally aim to facilitate optimal performance by helping to control the internal, mental factors that can affect athletes. … Read more