Ethical Decision Research Paper

An ethical decision helps a person to make a choice when faced with a situation in which there is no clear right or wrong decision. The word ethical is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “Involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval. ” … Read more

Self-Driving Ethical Dilemmas Essay

With the rising presence of machines in society, it has become necessary to decide how to implement a moral processing system into machines. Self-driving cars have seemed like a dream for a long time, always appearing as something futuristic, but unfathomable in … Read more

Aquinas Evil Vs Evil Essay

Aquinas in his Article 3 of “On Evil” argues that good cannot cause evil insofar that good is not deficient in any way. “Good insofar as it is deficient causes evil, it follows that good causes evil insofar as good already has … Read more

Theories Of Ethical Violations Essay

Ethical violations is a topic which is commonly seen in the media about countries who the United Nations has classified or labeled as countries facing ethical issues such as human rights violations within the country. Ethics is a branch of philosophy, which … Read more

Essay about The Golden Age Analysis

In The Golden Age, Wang Xiaobo explicitly depicts the forbidden and punishable sex acts of Wang Er and Chen Qingyang. However, as “doing something is very different from liking it” the compulsive and obligatory nature of their trysts protects them from punishment … Read more

Essay On City Of God

City of God (Meirelles 2002) was an eye opening film about the life of the people living in favelas in Rio de Janeiro. It depicts the gruesome details of growing up in a slum and the choices youths must make in order … Read more