Personal Narrative: Dog Labor Essay

“You have got to push! ” I whispered to her. She was breathing heavy, with her pink tongue hanging out. Globs of saliva slid off. The babies already delivered lay under her crying for their mother’s attention. They were ugly little things, … Read more

Essay on Laura Bush Critique

“Every child in America should have access to a well stocked school library. ” Straightforward, inspiring, and educational. These few words do her no justice. Laura Bush said very little, but what she said was very impactful and important. When she talked … Read more

Letter To Mom Research Paper

To Dad, it’s impossible to thank you for everything you’ve done, from loving me unconditionally, where you taught me many traditional values and the importance of success. I could not have asked for a better parent or role model. To Mom, thank … Read more

Anne Frank Courage Essay

Courageous and Strong People of the Past Anne Frank once said, “The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever! ” People must be strong and hopeful if they want to persevere through extreme circumstances like a … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

The official definition of a Beauty Contest, or pageant, is an assemblage of girls or women at which judges select the most beautiful. Although some people argue that they can be much more than a judging of feminine beauty, it is glaringly … Read more

Narrative Essay About Family Moving

I can call it tradition for my family to move every couple of years, for I have moved four times in my life. I started the journey of life in Missouri, continued it in Tennessee where I learned to walk, South Dakota … Read more

Essay On Self Assessment

Self-Assessment sexual and Relational Health I grew up in a single parent household, which in my case the single parent who raised me was my mother. Growing up with my mother rather than father or both my parent definitely had a great … Read more

Modern Family Analysis Essay

Modern Family takes place in Los Angeles, California. The show is based off of a “typical” modern family in today’s time, or what the writers of the show perceive it as. The show is based off of one big family, but is … Read more

Essay on My Gender Identity

I identify as a white, middle class, male-gendered ripple on this quasi-spatial persistent illusion we call life. As a member of the dominant group (at least in these categories) it is difficult to tease out the precise moments of acute realization that … Read more