Essay about Botticelli’s Venus Analysis

The birth of Venus is displayed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. But originally Botticelli was commissioned to paint the work by the Medici family of Florence, specifically Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici under the influence of his cousin Lorenzo de’ … Read more

Prufrock Analysis Essay

Instead the characters can only make meaningful connections with the city. In ‘Prufrock’ the description of the streets in the first three stanzas of the poem show a familiarity with the city. He does not simply talk about the street and the … Read more

Eating Alone Poem Analysis Essay

Name Professor Course Date The Vanishing Memory of My father The poem,” Eating Alone” by Li-Young Lee is richly crafted in imagery that is used effectively to develop the theme of loneliness and memory. Lee utilized a myriad of literary devices in … Read more

Episode of Hands

The unexpected interest made him flush.Suddenly he seemed to forget the pain,-Consented,-and held outOne finger from the others. The gash was bleeding, and a shaft of sunThat glittered in and out among the wheels,Fell lightly, warmly, down into the wound. And as … Read more

Carl Sandburg poetry

As a child of an immigrant couple, Carl Sandburg was barely American himself, yet the life, which he had lived, has defined key aspects of our great country, and touched the hearts and minds of her people. Sandburg grew up in the … Read more

Sonnet 12

This sonnet is so famous that it almost makes commentary unessential. It will always be one of the best sonnets in the history of language. The lively and rapid passage of time, which brings every thing to an end, is described, not … Read more

Sonnet 18 Essay

Shakespeare – Sonnet 18 This sonnet is by far one of the most interesting poems in the book. Of Shakespeare’s sonnets in the text, this is one of the most moving lyric poems that I have ever read. There is great use … Read more