Osomoru: A Fictional Narrative Essay

Osomatsu lied idly on the futon, glad for the peace and quiet. Even though, it was temporary. He sighed, wiping the tears from his face. He was a disgrace, a burden, trash. No, he was lower than trash–scum, that was the appropriate … Read more

Lylas Attack: A Short Story Essay

A few weeks before the attack, “Lyla! ” I hear my mother shout as I run down the halls. I hurry down the halls and outside to my secret garden. I reach the secret door behind the tall mirror and I look … Read more

The Deafer: A Short Story Essay

The surfer There was a boy who didn’t believe he had the capacity to be the world’s greatest surfer. One day he was watching videos on how people became successful and they said that you had to believe to succeed and so … Read more

Mrs Trotters Home Case Study Essay

Gilly’s beliefs because I was doing this activity to strengthen our relationship and Gilly’s self-identity, not to challenge her and the beliefs she shares. Often Gilly puts up a defensive front to protect herself from allowing people to get too close and … Read more

Stimulus: A Short Story Essay

Stimulus: Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves and others. Redemption “And if you fail to uphold your end of the deal, the consequences for you will be apocalyptic,” Niklaus slammed the phone down onto the table … Read more

Essay about El Aurens Character Analysis

EL AURENS is a touching dramatic, character driven short story. The script explores solid themes about tolerance and making the right life choices. The characters are confronted by strong moral decisions. In addition, the topic of immigration and the abuse of women … Read more

Zombie Apocalypse Short Story Essay

It was another terrible day. It has been more than five years since the zombie apocalypse began. Normally on a day like this, it would smell like flowers, and sometimes car smoke when cars passed by, but when the zombies came, it … Read more

Charlette: A Short Story Essay

I’m Charlette, but most people call me Charle. This is my story. The story about a girl, just a girl. No magically fairies or wizards, no queens or kings and nothing different from the world you live in now, yet some people … Read more

Absurdity In Catch 22 Essay

Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 tells the story of Captain John Yossarian and the 256th Squadron, a group of U. S. bombardiers based on the Mediterranean island of Pianosa. The novel is set during World War II but, unlike the majority of war novels, … Read more

The Sock Short Story Essay

Once there was a pair of socks that belonged to a little boy. The socks liked the little boy, but one of them was not happy. This sock was tired of its same old routine and longed for adventure. It wanted to … Read more

Essay about Rheya Character Analysis

Rheya’s First Appearance to Kris Kelvin Stanislaw Lem’s novel Solaris tells the story of Kris Kelvin, a psychologist, who goes to the ocean planet Solaris to study the phenomena taking place there. Upon arrival at Station Solaris, which hovers over the surface … Read more

The Birds Film Analysis Essay

As the crows lay stagnant on the playset, children begin to run away from the school house under the advisement of their teacher, causing the birds to follow in hot pursuit of the children. The movie involved stronger features in its literary … Read more