Essay on Macbeth Night Analysis

Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, where characters have high expectations and abandon their morals to fulfill ambitions, shares many similarities to a failed party. During the festivities of the early night, the guests anticipate greater opportunities for fun and fame, disregarding their possible consequences. … Read more

Suicidal Thoughts In Hamlet Essay

In the The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare creates a protagonist that is truly dynamic and motivated. Hamlet is determined to complete his revenge on Claudius, intelligent and clever in dealing with other characters, but is brought … Read more

Similarities Between Hamlet And Horatio Essay

Friendship is not always having the same personalities. William Shakespeare often portrays complicated friendship in his plays. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he portrays two friends with opposite personalities but completes each other’s lacking qualities. Hamlet and Horatio are good friends. From being childhood … Read more

Role Of Women In Hamlet Essay

Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare between 1599 and 1602. The play is set in Denmark where Hamlet is instructed to take revenge on his uncle Claudius who killed Hamlet’s father, Hamlet Senior, and then married Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, in … Read more

Role Of Evil In Macbeth Essay

A mere thought can be a dangerous thing capable of bringing many lives and nations into ruin. When the seed of doubt is planted; it slowly manifests, eating away at one’s reasoning eventually blinding them to all logic. If not recognised and … Read more

Horatio’s Divinity In Hamlet Essay

Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet explores humanities complex processes and the condition of which we live. In this play, the concept of revenge is studied cohesively with the ability of humans to make judgments over their actions and human’s curiosity toward … Read more

The Theme of Revenge in Othello

Revenge is a constant theme throughout the play Othello. It is portrayed through the character Iago. Iago is determined to destroy Othello and his loved ones. This retribution is a result of Othello promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant. The theme … Read more

Downfall of Macbeth

The tragic downfall of Macbeth was not determined by one single cause. It was rather caused by a combination of three dark forces: supernatural, external, and internal. Supernatural forces are represented by the three witches and dark powers behind them. Lady Macbeth … Read more

Hamlet and the motif of thought

Hamlet’s self-description in his apology to Laertes, delivered in the appropriately distanced and divided third-person, explicitly fingers the greatest antagonist of the playconsciousness. The obligatory cultural baggage that comes along with Hamlet heeds little attention to the incestuous Claudius while focusing entirely … Read more

Sonnet 12

This sonnet is so famous that it almost makes commentary unessential. It will always be one of the best sonnets in the history of language. The lively and rapid passage of time, which brings every thing to an end, is described, not … Read more

The play Hamlet

One of the themes I found in the play Hamlet, was the way Hamlet seemed to hold back on getting revenge for his father’s murder once he know who did it. After his father’s death and the hasty remarriage of his mother … Read more

Appearance vs. Reality

In Shakespeares tragedy, Hamlet, there is a dominant and overwhelming theme that is concurrent throughout the play. Throughout the play, all the characters appear as one thing on the outside, yet on the inside they are completely different. The theme of appearance … Read more

Sonnet 18 Essay

Shakespeare – Sonnet 18 This sonnet is by far one of the most interesting poems in the book. Of Shakespeare’s sonnets in the text, this is one of the most moving lyric poems that I have ever read. There is great use … Read more

The Downfall of Lady Macbeth

Macbeth is a play full of magic, mystery, and murder. The variety of plots, as well as the interesting characters, force the reader to pay full attention at all times. Unfortunately, one of these characters is a victim of her own imagination. … Read more