Essay on Goal Reflection Report

1. Goal Reflection (Two paragraphs) During this quarter, I believe I accomplished all my goals. First, I took one-two hours a night Monday thru Thursday and threefour hours a night Friday thru Saturday to do homework and studying. Second, I gained a … Read more

Literature In The 1960s Essay

Literature. Works of amazing writing with lasting caliber and quality. Throughout history, literature of all kinds has had a big impact on what happened in history. Novels, influence the way we think about the world. Newspapers, inform us on what’s going on … Read more

Reflective Essay: Class Ever

The only way to get better at certain things is by doing them over and over. I feel as this applies to writing. In writing workshop we wrote a lot. So obviously I think that I became a better writer. Mainly because … Read more

Book Thief Reflection Essay

Throughout this term, I read several outstanding books that helped me grow as an independent reader. First, I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which is an inspiring historical fiction novel. This wonderful text was just right: not too challenging, not … Read more

Freshman Year Reflection Essay

Freshman year was a learning experience with growing pains. I had preconceived notions of what it would be like as a Black male at a Predominately White Institution. I believed that I would be in a diverse place where I could meet … Read more